Enamel, chemical fiber, printing ink, rubber industry demand for titanium dioxide

In the enamel industry,titanium dioxide as the strongest Emulsifiable gel in enamel,and is a kind of high refractive index white porcelain glaze.Request titanium dioxide high purity, less impurities, products of Fe2O3. Cr203 product causes yellow shade, so in enamel industry required ourity is the lower the better. In the Chemical fiber industry,titanium dioxide used as delustrant,Is the use of titanium dioxide have high refractive index, covering power, fine particles, good dispersion performance.Chemical fibre include bright yarn, half extinction silk and full extinction silk etc, besides the bright yarn all need add titanium dioxide as delustrant. when the titanium dioxide addition of 0.2% to 0.5% can achieve expected extinction and whitening effect.Chemical fiber grade titanium dioxide is added in the spinning dope, request the fine particles and even, at the same time has good dispersion, excellent whiteness and decoloring force, otherwise it will block spinneret. In the printing ink industry,With titanium dioxide is used as a pigment, the hiding power, reducing power, lipophilicity, liquidity has strict requirements and play a key role in the quality of printing ink pigment, request titanium dioxide white pure durable no yellowing, surface wettability and easy to disperse well. In the rubber industry,the titanium dioxide as rubber and latex white coloring, using titanium dioxide chemical performance is stable, small particles, not damage the vulcanization process, reducing power, covering power higher characteristic, use a small amount of TiO2 can achieve the best shading effect, the products of the tensile, elongation and bending performance influence.In the silicone rubber reinforcing effect, can improve the heat resistance and stability of the rubber. http://www.tio2cn.com

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