The advantages of Novista Ca/Zn Stabilizer for PVC profile

-- This product is a non-toxic, no harmful metals and other harmful chemicals, a new type of environmental friendly stabilizer

-- with excellent thermal stability and good weatherability, no sulfide pollution;

-- It can directly replace complex Lead Stabilizer , applied to the processing of PVC profile production.

-- High efficient lubricity, good flowing, reduce mechanical wear and improve the extrusion speed, high gloss surface;

--Has good compatibility and dispersion with PVC resin, can be appropriately reduce

-- Good compatible with pvc resin, less plating out, improve mechanical properties.

Novista group provide best Ca/Zn Stabilizer for PVC profile.

MBS Impact Modifier ProMBS - MIP Series

Impact Modifier MIP Series is the tercopolymer of methyl methacrylate(M), butadiene(B),styrene(S) , mainly used in the process of PVC products. It is higher impact strength compared with AIM & CPE Impact Modifier ,and better transparency.

Our product classification :

-- Semi-transparency or opaque product : MIP-0701 ,MIP-0702(opaque film and sheet,pipes, fittings and profiles,injection molded parts)

-- Transparent product : MIP-T801 ,MIP-T802 ,MIP-T803(film/sheet/containers,Blow or injection molded articles,Suction plastics)


MBS Impact Modifiers

Impact Modifier for PVC, MBS Resin, MBS Impact Modifiers, Transparent PVC Impact Modifier

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