Xinyu fire fighters invented portable solar power box

Recently, the fire-fighting portable multi-functional solar power supply box developed by Lin Pingshui, a soldier of Xinyu City Fire Fighting Brigade, won the 2012 Science and Technology Innovation Award of the Ministry of Public Security Fire Bureau. The technology has been introduced into production by a firefighting equipment factory in Shanghai, which will fill the blank of long-term non-portable power supply equipment for firefighting forces.

It is understood that in the rescue, the fire-fighting forces carried their equipment in the past by relying on cumbersome large-scale generators to solve power problems, which greatly increased the difficulty of rescue. Compared with simple solar chargers, the biggest advantage of Linping Water's solar energy-powered box is that it can store electricity in three ways, including solar panels, ordinary charging and hand cranking. Therefore, the power supply of the power supply box is not limited by time and weather. It is highly targeted, uses a wide range, is small in size, portable, noiseless, and non-polluting, and can meet various emergency needs. It is particularly suitable for areas that cannot be covered by the power grid.

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