The high-end home era is coming, the market share is gradually increasing.

People's income level is constantly improving, consumption power and consumption concepts are progressing increasingly. The prices of the building materials market and the furniture market have remained at the level before the financial crisis, which directly led to the sharp decline in the prices of high-end home furnishings and high-end furniture. The industry believes that the high-end home market is facing a rare development opportunity, for ordinary consumers, high standards of home life is no longer an unreachable dream.
[High-end furniture]
The market share has been concentrated on large brands for more than a decade, and the domestic furniture industry has made great progress. Huari, Quanyou, Huafeng... The rapid rise of these well-known brands is actually the epitome of people's rapid improvement in their spending power and home living standards.
On October 30th, Red Star Macalline (view map) Zhengzhou Shopping Mall Second Store is about to enter the trial operation stage, and one store will become the world of high-end furniture. Jiang Weigang, general manager of Red Star Meikailong Zhengzhou Shopping Center, said that the furniture brands that can enter a store are well-known brands in the industry. Among them, high-end European and American furniture will occupy a considerable proportion. These adjustments are all based on the market. Conducted by consumers after full investigation.
In the past eleventh Golden Week, the grand opening of the Oukai North International Furniture Purchasing Center is a highlight in the Central Plains home furnishing industry. “Unexpected, unexpected!” After the festival, the representative of the top American furniture brand Alexandra told reporters that as a top furniture brand that just entered Henan, I thought that there would be no sales during the eleventh period. The turnover of the day reached several hundred thousand yuan. The good market performance made people happy. They had to sigh the acceptance and consumption ability of the Central Plains consumers for high-end furniture brands.
In fact, high-end furniture is not simply reflected in the price, product quality is the core of competition. When the quality requirements of the home store are increasing, and the focus of consumers' attention has gradually shifted from practical to style, environmental protection and health, many furniture companies have to invest funds to update equipment and improve design and craftsmanship. Small and medium-sized furniture companies with limited funds and unable to keep up with the pace of market development are either reluctant to survive, or have no choice but to transform other industries. The market share of high-end furniture will be further concentrated in well-known brands.
[High-end store]
The war has been extended to the secondary market. With the rapid expansion of the furniture market, is it to build an independent brand store, or to follow the chain home market development? It has become a multiple-choice question that many imported furniture brands must face in the next step. "These two channels have their own advantages and each has its own shortcomings." Professor Chen Guangming, an MBA tutor at Henan University of Finance and Economics, believes that independent stores can better reflect the high-end of "monopoly", which can not only give product-specific culture. The connotation can also allow consumers to enjoy a special consumer experience and satisfy the pursuit of high-grade consumption. In addition, self-built specialty stores tend to have a large area, which can more comprehensively display their products, allowing consumers to have more choices and help to increase sales volume.
Chen Guangming said that the risk of opening an independent store is that if there is no similar store in the surrounding area, it will not be able to form a scale effect, which may greatly reduce the value of independent stores. From this point of view, in the chain of brand stores such as Red Star Macalline, Ou Kailong, and Real Home (view map), the home brand is concentrated, the home consumption atmosphere is strong, and the traffic volume is also large. As long as the furniture brand is stationed, it can not only expand. The brand's popularity can also promote product sales and give full play to the aggregation effect.
In addition, you can enjoy a lot of added value in cooperation with well-known home stores.
In previous interviews, the responsible persons of Red Star Macalline, Okayron, Real Home, Jiahe Home have told reporters that in the near future, the “sphere of influence” of the store should be extended from Zhengzhou to the second-tier city of the province. To further improve business performance and market share.
In fact, these high-end home stores have already taken action. Red Star Macalline Nanyang Store and Jiahe Home Jiyuan Store have all opened. In early November, Ou Kailong Jiaozuo Store will also be unveiled. This landmark action marks Ou Kailong, a high-end home store brand that has developed in Zhengzhou for 12 years. Finally, we have taken the step of further expanding the sphere of influence.
In this regard, many of Ou Kailong's brand partners have raised their hands and agreed that Ou Kailong's move will provide a broader platform for the development of their own brands in China.
Once many home sales giants have taken the shot, they are the big ones in the level of 10 million yuan. Obviously, these home store giants will not be "untargeted", and everyone is attracted by the increasing consumption power of the secondary market. “Following the home store to open a store in the country, this is difficult to compare with the establishment of an independent store. The amount of money and energy required to build an independent store is much greater and the risk is greater.” Most people in the industry are very optimistic about the brand. The development model of the store, whether it is furniture or building materials, "brand enters the market" is a mutually beneficial process, many domestic home brands have benefited a lot, for those top imported furniture brands, may wish to take these successful experiences Just "take it" and use it.
[High-end home improvement]
The opportunity of unlimited dilemma has gone
On October 17th, Longfa Decoration held the “Luohu·Artist Bloom” 2009LOHAS Creative Space Time Tour Zhengzhou Station, which attracted many new and old customers to come and observe. During the event, Longfa Decoration released five “Luxury Home Life Themes” such as China Red Royal Family, American Free Country, French Gorgeous Court, Italian Classical Bloom, and English Luxury Castle.
Longfa Decoration Zhengzhou company general manager Zou Jianfeng said that Longfa Decoration launched the event after the Golden Week, not only to continue the heat of the home improvement market after the 11th, but also the call of the market itself. Nowadays, consumers' income levels and their own quality are rapidly increasing. More and more people are pursuing comfort, elegance and taste. As the leading brand in the home improvement industry, Longfa Decoration has been committed to improving people's quality of life. The most direct and effective way.
The person in charge of the high-end design center of Meichao Decoration Sea also revealed to reporters that since the opening of the sea, the number of customers, the amount of orders and the amount of transactions have been steadily rising.
Around May 1 this year, Henan Dadi Decoration put forward the business philosophy of “high-end design, choice of construction”. Today, this seemingly alternative concept has been widely accepted by many mid- to high-end home improvement customers.
Zhang Fan, chairman of Henan Dadi Decoration, said that the biggest motivation for proposing this concept was to have confidence in the company's own design strength, and also to be confident in consumers with increasingly mature consumer psychology.
Li Xiaoli, director of the decoration and decoration industry management office of Henan Province, said that the economic situation has picked up and people's consumer confidence has quickly recovered. Consumers who originally planned to postpone their home improvement plans have changed their minds and put the decoration on the agenda again. The overall price is still at the level of the economic crisis, which directly leads to a significant reduction in the cost of high-end home improvement solutions in the past, providing an excellent consumer opportunity for those who have a home improvement demand, and also provides a high-end home improvement market. Good development opportunities.
The general trend of the world, the long-term must be combined, the long-term must be divided. Furniture, home improvement, and home stores, these relatively independent industries are facing historic opportunities for blending development. With the intensification of market competition, whether it is home improvement or furniture, the price trend will eventually stay away from the huge profits. For the average consumer, the high standard of home life is no longer an unreachable dream.

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