The standard turned a blind eye to Dongguan furniture, the accused rate exceeded 50%

In order to protect the rights and interests of consumers, the state has issued a mandatory national standard for the distribution of furniture products for seven years. In order to improve the quality of manufacturing products, the Dongguan government of Guangdong has implemented a standardization strategy for nearly seven years. However, some furniture manufacturers in the city still do not implement this national compulsory standard, and through the radiation effect of the furniture market in Houjie Town, they sell the “solid wood” furniture that is not worthy of the whole country.
National mandatory standards stipulate that furniture sales must be accompanied by instructions for use. In the specification, in addition to the description of the furniture styles and specifications, the materials used, etc., the manufacturer must also specify the control indicators such as toxic or radioactive substances actually contained in the furniture materials and paints, and also indicate the harmful substances such as formaldehyde. The exact content is intended to give consumers a right to know. This is not only an express commitment to consumers, but also a guarantee of quality and safety. This furniture product manual, which is related to consumer rights, is hard to find in some furniture companies in Dongguan.
At the end of March this year, the Guangdong Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau announced the quality inspection results of precious hardwood furniture products, and the unqualified products of Dongguan furniture enterprises accounted for a considerable amount. Among the published list of 40 unqualified enterprises in the province, 19 products came from furniture manufacturing enterprises in Dongguan, accounting for nearly 50% of the province's unqualified enterprises; among the 30 furniture enterprises in Dongguan, the products were unqualified. There are 19 enterprises, and the rate of unqualified products is 63.3%. Unqualified items are no product mark, instructions for use and product quality express card.
Recently, according to the problems in the supervision and spot check of Dongguan furniture products by the Guangdong Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau, the reporter conducted an in-depth investigation on the furniture market of Houjie Town Furniture Avenue in the city and found that the merchants do not have the instruction manual in the furniture sales. Very common, some sellers exaggerate some of the solid wood furniture into solid wood furniture, and some even say the poor material is a good quality material.
In the Bada Furniture City, the furniture that looks very beautiful is called solid wood, but the price is amazingly cheap. The large bookcase, which is called solid wood, is priced at only 1,200 yuan. It opens the door and a pungent smell comes. The salesperson said that the cabinet is cheap and must have an odor. The minimum odor is more than 2,000 yuan. Some furniture companies sell their stores, and most of the furniture sold does not have product specifications and signs. Consumers need to understand the material and quality of the furniture, all by the clerk's oral presentation. When reporters ask the merchant for instructions related to the product, they all encounter various excuses.
In Hongjian Furniture City, most of the furniture has no product logo, instruction manual and product quality express card. Into a shop, the clerk said that this is solid wood furniture, looks very glamorous 6 sets of furniture, the price is only 1880 yuan. It is understood that such prices, buying materials are not enough, nor can they be qualified products. When the reporter indicated that he wanted to see the product manual, the clerk smiled and told the reporter that on this furniture avenue, the furniture products sold basically had no product specifications.
The reporter found that a number of furniture market in Houjie Town found that a considerable part of the furniture sold here was not equipped with relevant instructions. Some even have instructions, but a few words, especially the content of harmful substances such as formaldehyde, are not marked in the standard format. Although merchants have claimed to sell solid wood furniture, it is difficult to ask them for furniture instructions. The only way to understand the main materials and auxiliary materials of solid wood furniture is a handwritten label placed on the product display stand. At the time of purchase, when the reporter asked to guarantee 100% solid wood and directly stated in the contract, the merchants mostly refused this request, only that the quality of the furniture could be guaranteed.
According to industry sources, the solid wood furniture market is mixed, the most common is to put a layer of solid wood on the surface of the furniture, but the material inside is MDF. Most of the solid wood furniture in the Dongguan furniture market is made of solid wood frame and additional density plate. The so-called solid wood furniture is mostly solid wood veneer.
In the furniture market of Houjie Town, whether it is high-grade furniture or low-end furniture, the reason why the manual is hard to find is: when quality disputes occur, the relevant instructions are not for avoiding responsibility, and consumers are difficult to protect rights; some furniture manufacturers To reduce costs, use wood-based panels with harmful substances such as formaldehyde content that exceed the standard. The relevant specifications are not provided to avoid liability.
For a long time, the furniture market in Houjie Town, Dongguan City has been influenced by the furniture exhibition twice a year, but some workshop-style furniture enterprises use the exhibition as a trading platform for low-quality and low-price promotions, and a large number of unqualified furniture. It is sold throughout the country and has formed regional quality problems in the production, supply and sales industry chain.
At present, the Guangdong Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau has issued a quality warning to the Dongguan Municipal Government and the Quality Supervision Department based on the phenomenon that the quality of Dongguan's furniture quality inspection and inspection of unqualified products exceeds 50%, and requires local authorities to strengthen the renovation of the furniture industry.

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