How to extend the service life of wear parts of crushed stone machinery

In the process of crushing operation, the gravel mechanical equipment mainly hits and strikes with the stone material directly by the wear-resistant parts, which causes the wear-resistant parts of the crusher hammer, the jaw plate, the counter-breaking hammer and the rolling wall to wear very seriously. Greatly affect the economic interests of customers in gravel and sandstone factories. So how to choose wear parts and extend the trial life of wear parts?

Extend the service life of wear parts of crushed stone machinery and equipment, pay attention to daily operation skills

The wearing parts of the impact crusher are mainly rotor and plate hammer. The wear parts of the sand making machine (vertical shaft impact type sand making machine) are mainly the plate hammer, alloy cutter head, lining plate, rotor, jaw plate and side on the impeller. The guard plate is the main wear-resistant part of the jaw crusher. The crusher hammer is the main wearing part of the hammer crusher. The main consumables of the cone crusher are the rolling wall and the broken wall. Mastering the correct daily work skills of crushed stone hardware, it can effectively reduce the loss efficiency and prolong the service life of wear parts.

Extend the service life of wear-resistant parts of gravel machinery and equipment, and put all kinds of Hammers and different crushers into the seat.

The basic principle of selecting the hammer head is that the small hammer head is made of high-chromium composite, the large vertical head is made of high-manganese steel, and the corrosive material is not suitable for the forged hammer. Hammerhead has different service life in cement and gravel factories in various regions. The longest hammerhead on the market is the hammerhead with tungsten-titanium carbide hard alloy block. Of course, advanced casting technology and precision are needed. Hardware equipment such as chemical analysis instruments.

The physical and chemical properties of different materials are different, and the wear of wear parts varies greatly. For example, the crushing of quartzite is very prone to breakage of the hammer if it is countered by a crusher. At this time, the cone crusher should be selected, which will not cause excessive wear on the wear-resistant part.

Extend the service life of wear parts of crushed stone machinery equipment, choose the manufacturer with strong casting strength

Casting wear parts of the same specification are used in the same cement plant and gravel yard with different lifespans due to different quality. Because each manufacturer's casting process, chemical matching, and the degree of perfection of the corresponding hardware equipment are different, the quality difference is also large. When choosing a manufacturer of foundry wear parts, it is important to look at the factory, including plant management, number of engineers, equipment technology level, etc., as well as feedback from customers who use their products.

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Label: How to extend the service life of wear parts of crushed stone machinery

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