Do you know how to buy an electric massage chair?

A good massage chair can make your daily life more comfortable, but how to buy an electric massage chair is better? Go has compiled four points for everyone. You can refer to it. .


First, the coordination of massage chair style and home decoration

As a functional chair, it is actually a combination of sofa and electric massage technology, so it will reflect the characteristics of many home sofas. Like ordinary sofas, the appearance and style are particularly important. If you have a ugly and cumbersome massage chair in your home, it will definitely affect the overall layout of the home decoration and affect your family's mood.

Therefore, when choosing a massage chair, you should consider the style and color of the massage chair. It's best to match your home improvement design, simple and generous, so it seems to be coordinated. Those who are cumbersome in appearance and bright in color are not suitable for being placed in the bedroom and living room, which is easy to distract and cause aesthetic fatigue.


Second, how is the massage effect?

The products produced by different massage chair manufacturers have very different massage functions. Some massage chairs have no feeling of massage for half an hour, and there is no massage to the place where you want to massage. The place where you don't want to massage is continuously massaged. But a good massage chair will detect the position according to each person's physical condition and adjust different massage techniques.

Third, quality and cost performance

From the perspective of cost performance, the price of some imported brands is currently above 40,000, while the price of some joint venture brands is basically around 15,000-30000, and the price of our domestic massage chairs is around 5000-12000. The massage chair with a price below 5,000 yuan is not up to the international quality inspection standard, or the movement and parts are flawed, or the quality and after-sales service can't keep up. After all, the massage chair belongs to high-end electrical appliances, and the core technology is still Not widely recognized, considering the actual cost, so the price is not too low.


Fourth, how to protect the service

Massage chair as another big product in home appliances, its after-sales service is also very important. From the current market situation, the massage chairs purchased by the specialty store and Shangchao can enjoy the warranty, and the factory direct sales, through A certificate of legal effect can be used to achieve nationwide warranty. This kind of after-sales service is more secure and reliable.

Go Xiaobian simply told everyone how to buy electric massage chairs, but the massage chair as a large electrical appliance, we must pay more attention to some details when purchasing, so that you can choose Buy a suitable massage chair.

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Shape   :Rectangle or square with chipped edge 

Packing :  wooden crate 

 The wooden pallets  size is made as the container size . After loading the wooden crate in the container ,the wooden crates will nearly same size with the width of the container .It can make the wooden crate not have space to move during transport . In this case ,it can keep the stone safety mostly

Application : Can be used to decorate the outside wall or inside wall .Decorate your house ,decorate your life .

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