Baichuan Furniture teaches you the popular mix in the study room

The study, traditionally known as the study, is a room in some houses that is dedicated to reading, self-study or work. The basic facilities of the study are tables, chairs and bookcases, and some of the study rooms will also have computers. In some homes without a study, part of the bedroom is usually used as a study. The study, also known as the home studio, is a space for reading, writing, and amateur learning, research, and work. In particular, it is an essential activity space for cultural, educational, scientific, and artistic workers. So how do the study match? Today, Baichuan Furniture teaches you the popular mix in the study.


The trend of the study with the study

1. When many families are decorating their homes, they will create a special study room. Even if the area is small, an area will be created in the living room as a place to study and work. Use a bookcase to cut off, or use cabinets, cloth, etc. Separated.

2. How to arrange the study to reflect the personality and connotation of the master, which is very knowledgeable. Generally speaking, the wall and ceiling color of the study should be elegant, clear and soft, such as light blue, light beige and light green. The floor should be made of wood floor or carpet, and the wall material should be better with wallpaper, sheet and other sound-absorbing materials to achieve the quiet effect of the study.


3, the material of the curtain is generally selected to be light-shielded and transparent, and the light-colored gauze is more suitable. The high-grade soft venetian blind is better, and the strong sunshine will become warm and comfortable through the window refracting.

4. The furniture in the study is mainly composed of writing desks and bookcases. First of all, it is necessary to ensure a large space for storing books. The depth of the bookcase should be 30 cm. The depth is too large, which wastes materials and space, and brings inconvenience to the book. The shelf and partition of the bookcase can be made into any adjustment type, which can be adjusted according to the size of the book.

5, the size and investment of the study, generally based on the size of the room and the owner's occupation, identity, and the number of books to consider. If the room is limited in size, it can be extended to the space; it should also be selected according to the owner's economic affordability. Under normal circumstances, the study pursues practicality and simplicity, and does not necessarily require a large investment.


The color of the study

The color of the study is generally not suitable for too bright, but it is not suitable for too dim. Light green, light brown, beige and other soft colors are more suitable. But if you're working on a creative work that requires stimuli, then let the bright colors spark inspiration.

The above is the knowledge of the study that Xiaobian has compiled for you. If you want to know more information, you can pay attention to the official website of our home.

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