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The so-called flow refers to the amount of fluid flowing through a closed pipe or open channel in a unit time. It is also called instantaneous flow. When the volume of fluid is expressed in volume, it is called volume flow. When the volume of fluid is expressed in mass, it is called mass flow.

Measurement is the eye of industrial production. Volume flow meter measurement is an integral part of science and technology, and its national economy, national defense, scientific research are closely related. Flowmeters are widely used in industrial and agricultural production, national defense construction, foreign trade in scientific research, and people's lives.

The following describes several commonly used flowmeters :

Electromagnetic flowmeter: According to Faraday's electromagnetic induction principle, when a conductive fluid flows through an electromagnetic field, the velocity of the fluid can be obtained by measuring the voltage. Electromagnetic flowmeters have no moving parts and are not affected by fluids. Measuring conductive liquids at full pipe is highly accurate. It can be used to measure the flow rate of a slurried fluid. Like other speedometers, it is a meter that measures volume flow.

Differential pressure flowmeters: use the most common flow measurement technology, including orifice flowmeters, v-cone flowmeters, venturis and sonic nozzles, and Verabar flowmeters, annubar flowmeters, deltaba flowmeters, etc. Speed ​​tube flow meters can be used to measure the flow rate of most liquids, gases, and vapors. Differential pressure flow meters have no moving parts and are widely used and easy to use. However, after the blockage, it will produce pressure loss, affecting the accuracy. The accuracy of the flowmeter accuracy measurement depends on the accuracy of the pressure measuring instrument.

Turbine flow meter: When the fluid flows through the turbine flow meter, the fluid rotates the rotor. The speed of rotation of the rotor is related to the speed of the fluid. The average flow rate sensed by the rotor is used to derive the flow rate or total amount. Can accurately measure clean liquids and gases. Like differential pressure throttling flowmeters, turbine flowmeters also produce irrecoverable pressure errors and require moving parts.

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