Bonafontein teaches you how to paste wallpapers

Tired of the plain wall, the solid color wall can not stimulate the desire you appreciate, then change the colorful, flowery wallpaper! The paving of the wallpaper is not a simple brushing of a few glues, and there are many steps. Next, Bona Fontaine teaches you how to paste wallpapers.


1, wall repair

Clean the wall before affixing the wallpaper. Clean the original paint, wallpaper or nails on the wall. If the wall is cracked or peeled, the wall should be shoveled off. If there is a hole, repair it. Clean the wall and repair the voucher before proceeding to the next step.

2, wall polishing

The wall is brushed with alkyd varnish, and after it has dried out, the wall is putty and polished. The wall putty needs to be draped twice. After the putty is fully dried, the wall surface is polished with the appropriate number of sandpaper, and the surface protrusions are worn away. After the wall surface is smooth and smooth, the wall surface can be sealed and the wall is prevented. The face absorbs wallpaper glue.


3, wallpaper cutting

The cutting of the wallpaper is also very particular. Tile the wallpaper on the ground for cropping. The adjacent wallpapers should match the colors and textures to make the pattern flat and consistent. Brush the wallpaper glue on the wall, then paste the wallpaper one by one, and use the plastic plate to sweep out the bubbles between the wallpaper and the wall to ensure that the wallpaper is securely laid.

The advantage of affixing wallpaper is that the wallpapers are diverse and selective, and the good wall effect of wallpaper stickers will look good. If you don’t stick well, it will be ugly, but you can also remind yourself of the sticker technology. If you don't have the confidence, let the professionals post it.

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