Small troubles to see if the wall is cracked

I do not know whether or not you have discovered that the newly-renovated houses will always have a variety of problems during use. Wall cracking is one of them. In fact, there are different causes and forms of wall cracking. Different situations also have different ways of coping. Today we will take a look at how to deal with the problem of wall cracking.

First, crack caused by putty wall

When the putty is used, the thickness is not uniform, or the same wall is batched at different times so that cracks may occur between the new and old putties due to drying shrinkage.

Preventive measures: The putty of the batch must not be too thick, if not for the sake of leveling, it must be as thin as possible, and be even. When the putty is approved, do not open the doors and windows. Although it is faster, it is prone to cracks.

Second, crack caused by grooving

Grooving after the trough is also prone to cracks, this is because the cement mortar drying speed, shrinkage and putty powder is different, the surface of the wall putty has dried, the inside of the cement mortar has not dried out, leading to cracks.

Prevention method: When the trough is filled with ash, you can fill it with coarse sand first, and then use the fine sand to wipe the surface again, and then wait for the cement to be fully dried before granting the putty. If there are cracks in the filling area, the cracks should be filled with fine sand cement and then puttyed.

Third, the crack caused by the cauldron is not strong

After the wall was slotted, when the line pipe and the water pipe were laid, some workers cut corners, and closed the pipe directly without fixing the pipe. There is no problem with such a wall. When it takes a long time, the lines and pipes will loosen and cracks will occur.

Preventive measures: The line pipe and water pipe in the wall groove should be fixed with a special lock and then closed with cement.

Fourth, the crack caused by the material quality

The quality of putty and paint can also affect the wall decoration effect. Poor quality or fake putty, paint is prone to powder, cracking, falling off and so on.

Preventive measures: renovation putty, paint, etc. to go to the regular store to buy, the decoration is reflected in a good putty Henkel Midland cooked powder and putty interior wall and so on.

Fifth, the crack caused by different materials

Walls, ceilings, etc. may use gypsum board. Because of different materials of gypsum board and cement, moisture content, shrinkage, etc. are also different, so that even if the two parts are closely attached during the decoration, cracks will occur for a long time. .

Preventive measures: For the wall cracks or the intersection of the wall and the plasterboard, use a crack-proof cloth to stick it again, cover the cracks, and then approve the putty, so as to effectively prevent late cracks.

Sixth, the formation of hollow cracks on the wall

Due to the quality of the building, the rough house may have a hollow area of ​​a certain area. If the area is large, the empty drum section should be knocked out and re-applied again with cement. The rate of water shrinkage at the junction of old and new cement is different. It is easy to crack.

Preventive measures: Wall hollowing should be discovered in time, repaired in time, and re-patched walls must be allowed to air for a period of time, so that if the new cement is dry and if there is a crack in the original wall, it can be filled in time.

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