What are the smart home brands, and the quality of the brand is good?

In recent years, smart home manufacturers have sprung up, along with the emergence of smart home brands. Many friends will be attracted by the novelty and power of their products after seeing these emerging smart home brands. It is considered to be a very good brand in the smart home industry. Which brand of smart home is good ? Next, follow the decoration home network Xiaobian to learn about the relevant content!


1, Haier. The research and development manufacturing base of intelligent products, Haier Group launched a beautiful living solution in the Internet of Things era, Qingdao Haier Smart Appliance Technology Co., Ltd.

2. Jingdong Weilian. Jingdong Intelligent's intelligent open hardware intelligent hardware platform for intelligent hardware products, its App can control all smart devices / remote management / interconnection, Beijing Jingdong Hao Landing E-Commerce Co., Ltd.

3. Huawei HiLink. Huawei's smart home open interconnection platform is dedicated to building a complete and open smart home ecosystem driven by intelligent connectivity/intelligent linkage. Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

4. Alibaba. Alibaba's one-stop device intelligent solution platform based on cloud computing big data, including intelligent hardware module / Ali smart cloud / Ali smart APP.

5, Mi home. The abbreviation of Xiaomi Smart Home, the new eco-chain brand created by Xiaomi, the intelligent smart hardware-based overall solution for hardware and home service products, Xiaomi Technology Co., Ltd.


6, beautiful smart home. Midea's smart home development and landing brand has built a smart home appliance technology company with the smart home appliance management as the link and the white goods category interconnection.

7, Feixue FEIXUE. The smart home company invested by Jiangsu Huaxi Group relies on Fei Xue Smart APP to connect all the smart home equipment in the home.

8, Hedong HDL. Founded in 1985, the company is famous for its professional film and television stage lighting/mechanical hanging system in the domestic market, the smart home industry influence brand, the leading intelligent lighting control solution provider, Guangzhou Hedong Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.

9, Kedi KOTI. A large-scale enterprise in the field of smart homes, a high-tech enterprise focusing on R&D and operation services of smart lifestyle products, Guangdong Juguang Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

10. LeTV. LeTV Holdings has established a "platform + service + application" industry chain through the layout of Le Home APP/Intelligent Hardware Cloud Platform/LeLink to provide a one-stop smart home solution.

The above is a detailed answer to the Xiaobian, I don't know if you are satisfied with the introduction of the decoration home network Xiaobian~ If you want to know more about the exciting content, please continue to pay attention to our decoration encyclopedia!

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