How to design Chinese TV background wall

Nowadays, housing prices are so expensive that many users pay more attention to details and other aspects when decorating their rooms. For example, Chinese decoration not only emphasizes restraint, stability and atmosphere, but also absorbs many other decoration styles with the development of the times. Purification, in which the background wall is the best embodiment, so how to design the Chinese TV background wall ? Let's take a look with the editor.

How to design Chinese TV background wall

1. The width should be reasonable

During construction, pay attention to the width of the hall. In a relatively large range, it is recommended to lay out the TV wall larger, otherwise it is smaller. In addition, for a small living room, the thickness must be reasonable, otherwise It will cause the living room to look insufficiently wide and bright. Of course, the location of the sofa is also a factor that cannot be ignored. As long as the distance is appropriate, it is more comfortable when viewing.

2. Coordination

In the layout, we must pay attention to highlight the main objects in the hall. For example, Chinese-style atmospheric solid wood furniture should be coordinated with the overall atmosphere of the room. The sofa, TV or air-conditioning audio cannot be important because of the noise of a TV wall. The object lost its luster.

3. Highlight practicality

Many users think that the most important thing in layout is to do whatever they want. In fact, this idea is wrong. Although it can allow the existence of personality, but do not make some strange and abrupt shapes, it will affect the mood of the family. In the long run, It may also affect our physical health.

Appreciation of Chinese TV background wall pictures

It can be seen from the picture that this TV wall is based on a landscape painting. A few birds are dancing there, as if they want to fly out. It is lifelike. The hollow design next to it is full of Chinese charm, and the wooden structure makes the whole look. Natural sense, I believe that some people with Chinese plots will fall in love with this dress.

The whole picture is very enjoyable at first glance, but the seemingly simple paintings are very charming. It is more harmonious to put on a brown wooden TV cabinet. The side is also designed with a grid bar, which makes the space more spacious. , Also increased certain concealment.

As we all know, flowers are an important factor in Chinese-style dressing, so when applied to the background wall, the effect is quite good, making people seem to be able to smell the fragrance of flowers in the hall, put on a black TV cabinet, and echo each other with the color of the TV. A strong Chinese taste.

Summary: Ok, the above is the introduction on how to design the Chinese TV background wall , I hope to provide you with some help, I believe that in the future Chinese TV background wall design process, friends will be more handy and buy their own satisfaction product.

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