Suitable for post-90 decoration style and decoration style features

Everyone wants the decoration style of their house to be their favorite, or warm or cold, maybe adding some romanticism is not bad. However, all the ideas need to be closely related to the decoration style to carefully consider the choice, so the overall design style is set before the decoration, so that the subsequent decoration work can continue. What are the decoration styles after the 90s ? Let's take a look at the related content of the home of the decoration home!


First, the Nordic decoration style

The color of the wall can be light gray (a wide gray gamut) or white, and the partial wall is made of contrasting wood or color. Health, simplicity, quietness and comfort are its main features. The design of the Nordic style, the thin lines are the key, a shallow corner line and baseboard, very thin, with a little curve, just right. The door sleeve, window cover and cornice are also used with the same lines, which are both beautiful and can echo the caster plaster. Scandinavian style is one of the most popular decoration styles nowadays. It is simple and fashionable, especially in line with the hobby of young people. The design is close to nature, and a quiet Nordic style is not a confusing design.

Second, Japanese style decoration

The Japanese style decoration is characterized by its elegant and simple style. It generally adopts clear lines, which makes the layout of the room clean and has a strong geometric three-dimensional sense. Japanese-style design is indispensable for tatami, and the tatami is decorated in the living room, bedroom, window sill or study room at home. At three o'clock in the lazy afternoon, a favorite novel, a cup of warm heart of black rice, lying on a tatami, is the favorite life. Japanese-style decoration always looks small and exquisite, and it reveals a unique outlook on life. What attracts us more is the faint cultural atmosphere and delicate emotions in Japanese-style home.


Third, the American style of decoration

The classic American style is heavy, durable and elegant. It adds warmth from the details, giving a sense of stability and connotation. It promotes practicality and high quality, making people enjoy their time at home. Modern American style with solid wood color, simple, steady and not dogmatic. There are some American styles that are modified on the basis of European style (especially the British style). Everything is comfortable and warm, and it is very casual. These elements of the American home style also cater to the needs of the current cultural assets of the people, that is: a sense of culture, a sense of luxury, but also can not lack the sense of freedom and sentiment.

Fourth, the Mediterranean decoration style

The Mediterranean style is centered on leisure and the design of the house is more in love with the sun. It is a very enjoyable time to drink tea in the afternoon sun and in the gardens of friends. For families who don't like cool colors, you can use yellow to match. The Mediterranean style is bright and colorful, the color is pure and beautiful, the style is free and unrestrained, and the faint blue gives the hint of the ocean.

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